Who are Our CASAs?

At least 21 years of age
No degree/educational requirements, any/all career paths

FT employed, PT employed, self-employed, retired, students

LGBTQI/cisgender adults

All Socioeconomic statuses

All cultural, linguistic backgrounds, or citizenship status

From any state or country and reside in Jackson County
All value systems, religious/spiritual backgrounds
Individuals with no children, with young children, or adult children out of the home
Married couples and/or pairs of friends who can co-CASA

Current foster parents or adoptive parents (cannot CASA a child in your home or care)

Individuals who volunteer with other organizations
Individuals who can communicate respectfully and professionally
Above all – nice people who are ethical and trustworthy; can be collaborative and accept feedback on their performance in their role;
can recognize and work on their biases and strive to maintain objectivity;
and can work from a strength-based approach instead of a negative perspective

We are always looking for more CASAs!